Facebook marketing partner

Africa’s only Facebook Marketing Partner.

  • Situated in Johannesburg with on-the-ground partners in other African countries.
  • We work with local currencies.
  • We have localised, strategic insights and tools that will help your campaigns.

Quickly set up multivariate campaigns

Create campaigns with multiple creative and targeting options with ease.

Hyper-target within your target audience by automatically splitting them into subgroups. Save your target audiences for use in your future campaigns. Automatically generate UTM codes to assist in tracking through your sales funnel. Work with your local currency and reduce the stress of managing a constantly changing dollar exchange rate.

Optimise and manage your live campaigns

The clean and simple user interface allows you to adjust your campaigns in real-time so that you get the best return for your spend.

The live campaign dashboard gives you a detailed overview of your campaign’s performance measured against your KPIs. Our budget management tool ensures that you never overspend or miscalculate your remaining budget. Create optimisation rules workflows for yourself or your team with email alerts. Bulk edit your ad sets and targeting on the fly.

Generate insight driven reports

Create custom reports for your brands in excel or PDF format and have them automatically delivered to you via email.

Our visual reports are quick to generate and interpret. Pull a creative report to see how all of your ad sets performed and gain a deeper understanding of the preferences of your target audience.

We offer a choice of service models to suit your needs

Use our tool to build your campaigns in minutes or let our team of experts work with you to plan, launch, manage and report on your campaigns.


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