March 1, 2017 Blog Articles, Drive In-Store Sales, Ecommerce & Retail

Are you a Big Boss?

 By Lisa Steingold

So what is all this “Be a Big Boss stuff about?

Well today we’re talking #BuildingBusinessOnSocial Strategy

As part of our #BuildingBusinessOnSocial promise we continuously look at ways to leverage budgets and ensure marketers are delivering business value. To coin a phrase, what we’ve found is that, like a great dish, it’s a combination of art and science and whilst we can certain help marketers guide their creative teams with tools, we lean a little more towards science.

Whilst we don’t claim any fame in the kitchen, we have come up with a recipe to assist marketers with being a BIG BOSS, or as we like to say, with #BuildingBusinessOnSocial Strategy.

As many have begun to understand the sequenced approach to storytelling and the fact that clicks and likes and metrics have gone out with the proverbial trash some years ago. So take your base of using a sequenced approach to storytelling I.e. creating awareness and then moving into consideration before approaching conversion and add the following key “ingredients”;

Use FAN (Facebook Audience Network) to expand your reach

For those who don’t know “FAN” lets brands extend their Facebook ad campaigns off of Facebook, using the same targeting data as they use on it. While Facebook has had 1 billion users on its social network for quite some time, it now has more than 1 billion people viewing its advertising network. For advertisers, it means more ad units and lower costs. For app and mobile web publishers, it means a Facebook-powered way to make money. For users, it means that the kind of ads you see on Facebook follow you around the web. It can only be good for a recipe!

Use Instagram’s Ad Innovation

Instagram is undoubtedly on the rise, reporting over 600 million Instagrammers; the last 100 million of which joined in Q4 in 2016. In 2016, Instagram launched a bundle of products designed to improve the way brands and users tell their stories with the introduction of stories (designed to challenge Snapchat) and the ability for viewers to shop now (to target the 66% of Instagrammers interested in shopping on their mobiles. IG sets to continue innovation this year with the ability to upload up to 10 photos or videos in a carousel ad. IG now also supports the ability to opt-in to creative optimization, which will dynamically reorder cards in your carousel to show the best-performing cards first for DR objectives

Forget your point of view

Let’s face it, as brand and marketing specialists we like to assume that we understand our market and often, that our market, thinks like we do. The key to really #BuildingBusinessOnSocial is to look through new eyes. Take time to track and understand your consumer’s journey – just one of the reasons we are running a research project to find out what consumers are doing online – and secondly back it up with data. You can’t argue with a data driven approach because the numbers don’t lie.

Remember if a picture is worth 1000 words, video is…

Worth a million! So said the founder of Video editing company, Candidio.

According to eMarketer, Social video alone is expected to grow 140% in 2017. 81% OF CONSUMERS interact with brands on social, 43% have done so through watching branded video and 79% AGREE that video is the easiest way to get to know a brand online according to Brightcove on their report “The Science of Social Video”.

And PS Don’t forget to mix

As we like to say, it’s all about #BuildingBusinessOnSocial, so take all of the above and mix up with great creative, a strategic approach to targeting and bake in the Ad-tech oven we like to call meedee8. Ad-tech makes it easy to personalise the consumer’s experience on social media channels and better yet to ensure real-time tracking and business critical measurement. 

The proof lies in the pudding right Boss?!