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Popimedia Launches CMO2020

Popimedia recently launched CMO2020. The campaign kicks off with 2 events; Johannesburg and Cape Town in May 2017 open for C-suite executives. BizCommunity kicked off the launch with the following commentary.
“Amidst the backdrop of a rapidly evolving business environment, characterised by a need for innovation to cut through the marketing clutter, and the growing trend of digital disruption led by mobile, the role of the chief marketing officers (CMOs) of the future will be fundamentally different to what it is today.
Popimedia launches CMO2020 initiative

In an effort to determine if local CMOs are prepared and equipped for this paradigm shift, and to help them better prepare for the demands of their evolving role, Popimedia, an ad-tech company that builds businesses on social media, has launched the CMO2020 initiative. Click here to read the full article on BizCommunity.

The events form the start to the debate of the relevance of the CMO given the current climate of digital transformation and a need for marketers to prove their return on investment.

The Johannesburg event will be hosted at The Mesh Club on the 9th of May whilst the Cape Town event will be hosted on Friday the 12th of May 2017. Popimedia invites Chief Marketing Officers, Heads of Marketing and C-suite executives to attend the events. The event features a panel hosted by Jeremy Maggs and Key Note Speaker Hans Zachar, MD of Accenture Technology Strategy SA. Panelists include Professor Geoff Bick from the UCT Graduate School of Business and Dave Ives, Director of Digital Transformation at Karabina.

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