March 27, 2017 Blog Articles, Drive In-Store Sales, Ecommerce & Retail

Are you leveraging Facebook’s latest on meedee8?

By Lisa Steingold

Facebook is a constantly changing machine

We’re constantly innovating meedee8 to ensure we are one step ahead and even have a couple of updates ourselves which Facebook have yet to offer on Power Editor.  While still in Beta testing on Facebook, Ad-set split testing and Dynamic Creative Optimisation are available on meedee8 which means that marketers can now dynamically ensure performance of ad-sets and campaigns.  This is a series of planned changes in our meedee8 roadmap to ensure marketers in Financial Services, Auto, Retail and Brand are #BuildingBusinessOnSocial.

Facebook made a series of changes, themselves, recently which include the launch of  Messenger Day and Collection Ads – a MUST for retailers and brands. In addition, Instagram created a better shopping experience. Check it out…

Facebook launched Messenger Day

The feature lets you share with the public or a custom friend decorated photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. Facebook Messenger’s answer to Snapchat Stories, began officially rolling out Thursday to iOS and Android users worldwide.

Why we think it’s important for brands to care?

In line with their core philosophy, Facebook is putting user experience at the forefront. With over 1bn people on Messenger and 59% of people messaging more than they did 2 years ago, brands need to adopt a messaging strategy not just for customer care but for engagement and even conversion. The new addition to Messenger is set to challenge SnapChat and engage even more users on the platform.

Facebook launched Collection Ads – a MUST for retailers and brands

Collection links eye-catching elements like video to cash-catching ones like a product catalog that, in turn, links to the point of sale on the advertiser’s site or mobile app. If Canvas was aimed at brands looking to attract attention, Collection is intended for marketers as concerned with driving awareness as sales.

Why we think it’s important for brands to care?

Collection will specifically drive newsfeed relevant product discovery and sales in an engaging format and fast shopping experience. It’s a retail game changer says Gil Sperling, CTO of Popimedia.

Instagram created a better shopping experience

To top off the latest of retail game changers, Instagram is giving businesses the power to create and tag a post with products directly from their iOS mobile phone. Once a business has a product catalog connected to their account, tagging a product is as simple as tagging a person in a post.

Businesses will also soon be able to get insights around the metrics that matter to them, like how many people tapped to see more product details or clicked on “shop now.” By telling businesses more about their audience and which posts are performing well, they can create more relevant content.

Why we think it’s important for brands to care?

Instagram’s improved shopping experience gives more focus to the consideration phase of the purchase funnel; a key ‘condsideration’ in promoting conversion.

Ad-set split testing on meedee8

Ad-set split testing, still running in beta on Facebook but now launched on meedee8, tests targeting groups over a period of time to yield the best performing targeting for a particular campaign.

Dynamic Creative Optimisation on meedee8

How do you know the best copy to pair with the best creative to ensure the best performing ads?

Now available on meedee8, is the option to run automatic permeations that ensured the best copy runs with the best creative to ensure ad optimisation.


Both of the above options positively ad performance and ultimately ensure less budget wastage on ad sets; no doubt music to an advertisers ears!