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2017 Internet Trends Report

Mary Meeker’s 2017 Internet Trends Report

May 2017 had those in the digital marketing, media and advertising world on tender hooks, waiting for May Meeker’s annual Internet Trends Report. The annual report gives major insights into online trends and predictions which provides insights for those working with digital on where to invest for the best returns.

Why do we think this report is awesome:

The report confirmed our vision on the current and future status of digital marketing. It’s a call to action to marketers who haven’t shifted to mobile 1st strategies to make this a key priority. As a Facebook Marketing Partner it made sense to see online growth coming predominantly from Facebook and Google.

Below is a summary of some of the points which we found to have the most relevance and impact for marketers and advertisers;

Summary of 2017 Internet Trends Report:

Just in case you’re feeling super keen click here to see the whole report.

  • It is more “the addition of mobile” as opposed to a “shift to mobile” as desktop usage has not declined as much as mobile usage has skyrocketed
  • Google and Facebook now control 85% of online growth
  • Video is being consumed at a rapid rate across all the Facebook family apps
  • Gaming has exploded, in 12years there has been an increase in gamers from 100million to 2.6 billion
  • There is a 16billion dollar opportunity to target audiences on mobile, which is not being utilized in the US
  • In six months it’s predicted that internet ad spend will surpass TV spend
  • Recorded music has had its first revenue growth in 16 years as streaming music, led by Spotify, has surpassed physical music sales
  • There has been a 40% increase in eSports viewing time, per annum
  • Lines are blurring fast especially in terms of mobile advertising where The Content = The Store, and The Ad= The Transaction
  • Transparency is important, customers increasingly expect to understand how things work
  • Voice is taking off, now with 95% in human-level accuracy for word recognition
  • Just under 51% of total internet ad spend is devoted to mobile ads
  • Brands are leveraging user generated content more and more, especially on social media platforms such as Instagram
  • There is a rapid increase in real-time online customer conversations

So what does all this mean??

  1. Follow the giants:

As Facebook and Google collectively control 85% of online growth, marketing on these avenues should be seriously considered in order to increase brand awareness and reach target audiences.

  1. Give your customers the opportunity to do something:

Including a call-to-action element within your ad gives customers the opportunity to make an immediate decision, either to purchase or to visit your website. If no purchase is made you can follow up with your visitors with dynamic ads and remind them of the products they showed an interest in. In terms of transforming your ads into an interactive, digital storefront, implementing carousel ads is a great option as it allows you to display several products within one ad.

  1. Marketing is evolving:

What we knew about marketing and advertising is shifting and constantly evolving, in order to keep up with this digital evolution we need to stay constantly aware of what the trends are, as well as stay open-minded and ready to move with the times. Mobile ads are definitely being taken seriously as just over half of all internet ad spend is being spent on mobile.

  1. Transparency is key:

Additionally, customers are expecting more out of their experience, they are expecting faster real-time online customer conversations as well as a more transparent interaction. With a rapid increase in video consumption, advertisers should focus spend here, as it ties in with this already prominent behaviour.

Wanna hear more?

We are very excited to announce that we commissioned a third-party research facility to run the first ever Digital Influence on South Africa!! We wanted to discover, first-hand, what digital trends are relevant in our context as a South African Facebook Marketing Partner, and because we believe in ‘sharing is caring’ we will be publically releasing the results of this study at our Ad-Tech Academies in Johannesburg and Cape Town in July. If you would like to be there and be one of the first to get these results, please click here to register for the event.

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