Are you ready to Shift?

SHiFT is a series of innovation think-tanks, occurring monthly

As we kick-off 2018 many of us are thinking about how to better our business and ourselves in the coming year. How about adding a little SHiFT to your resolutions. This year we challenge you to SHiFT– shift your thinking, shift design and shift your business. If you add value to your business and consider yourself a thought leader, then we invite you to apply for our SHiFT program.

What is SHiFT?

At Popimedia, we strive to continue #BuildingBusinessOnSocial to 2020 and beyond. In 2018 we’ve launched SHiFT, an innovation program where we take 20 successful candidates for a glimpse inside South Africa’s most innovative companies; for a morning of learning and exposure to those shifting business in SA. There are a total of 8 mornings in the series of incubation think tanks, as well as 2 key SHiFT events in June and July.

This isn’t about technology.

This isn’t even about digital disruption.

This is about a new way of being in the world.

It’s about thinking different and doing things differently to Shift the future! Our aim is to expose the best marketing minds to local (and international) innovation.
Attendance is by application only.

Join us in #BuildingBusinessOnSocial, and let’s Shift in 2018.

January- JHB Missing Link Growth Hacking Workshop Facilitated by Richard Mulholland

An introduction to one of the newest methodologies which has taken Silicon Valley by storm;  Growth Hacking.

The morning was facilitated by Missing Link, with Richard Mulholland as the lead facilitator. Candidates were introduced to the concept of Growth Hacking by going through an outline and step-by-step application, of the methods set out by Sean Ellis in his book Hacking Growth. The Hacking Growth presentation was followed by a facilitated innovation think-tank, which uncovered the key areas in traditional marketing which impede accelerated growth.

February- JHB @ Accenture Innovation Lab

Where do ground-breaking ideas come from? We know they don’t happen by chance. They need the right combination of people, place and time to take shape. The Accenture Liquid Studio is an imaginarium where tech and VR solutions come to life by using an innovation-led approach, to help clients develop and deliver disruptive innovations, and to scale them faster.

Accenture Innovation Lab is prototyping real life disruptive technologies that impact on bottom line results.

March- JHB @ Alt Reality

We hosted SHiFT with Alt Reality, a mixed reality tech studio, at the TMRW Gallery in Rosebank, Johannesburg. The morning consisted of a thought-provoking presentation by Rick Treweek, founder of Alt Reality, on the influential and evolving role of technology across several industries. The presentation was followed by a facilitated session exploring the invisible exhibition (yes, it was all in augmented reality), which hosted works by local South African artists such as William Kentridge.

April- JHB Propertuity, Thursday 19th April 

The brainchild of property development group, Propertuity, Maboneng has a humble beginning at Fox Street’s Arts on Main. The vision for Maboneng is to evolve the precinct, revolutionising a significant portion of Joburg’s inner city and incorporating business, housing and creative spaces to be used by people from all walks of life.