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Client Endorsements

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Ad-Tech Marketing Partner to Various Platforms

Popimedia partners with brands, the world over, in performance marketing and optimising digital ad spend on social media platforms.

multivar01Quickly set up multivariate campaigns

Create campaigns with multiple creative & targeting options.

Hyper-target within your target audience by automatically splitting them into subgroups. Save your target audiences for use in your future campaigns. Automatically generate UTM codes to assist in tracking through your sales funnel. Work with your local currency and reduce the stress of managing a constantly changing dollar exchange rate.

dashboardOptimise and manage your live campaigns

The clean & simple interface allows you to adjust your campaigns in real-time, getting the best return for your spend.

The live campaign dashboard gives you a detailed overview of your campaign’s performance measured against your KPIs. Our budget management tool ensures that you never overspend or miscalculate your remaining budget. Create optimisation rules workflows for yourself or your team with email alerts. Bulk edit your ad sets and targeting on the fly.

reportsGenerate insight driven reports

Create custom reports for your brands in excel/PDF format & have them automatically delivered via email.

Our visual reports are quick to generate and interpret. Pull a creative report to see how all of your ad sets performed and gain a deeper understanding of the preferences of your target audience.

Featured Press

Richard Lord
Richard Lord - Associate Media Director & Head Of Digital, The MediaShop Popimedia have always been more than willing to partner with us, and our clients, to help get the best results from our campaigns through meedee8.
Lunga Ngcime
Lunga Ngcime - Head Of Digital, Unilever I am very happy that we have found a winning tool for our brands
May Lalloo
May Lalloo - Consumer Communications & Marketing Manager, Nestle We have seen buying efficiencies, real time optimisation and a noticeable improvement of our brand’s performance online since we partnered withe Popimedia and used the meedee8 platform.
Clara Métivier-Beukes
Clara Métivier-Beukes - GM for Marketing at Peugeot, South Africa The campaign has been a massive achievement in terms of exposure, new fans and talkability.
Kate Lambridis
Kate Lambridis - Head of Digital, Working with Popimedia has been a great success. We have seen an improvement in our ad conversation as well as been able to scale the campaign substantially.

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