About Popimedia

Who We Are?

Popimedia is a Performance Marketing Partner and Global Ad-Tech Partner. The best of global and local, Popimedia is also a Level 1 BEE supplier.

Using our proprietary platform, meedee8, we offer brands maximised and scalable social media exposure through targeted campaigns that offer campaign management, lead generation and reporting.

Where We Come From?

The company started in 2007 with two engineers and a lawyer, having recognised a gap in the market before most marketing managers could answer the question ‘so what is Facebook?’ The founders who started the enterprise, Daniel Levy, Gil Sperling and Ryan Silberman, began by building the only app in South Africa that allowed brands to post in a news feed.

Fast forward to present day – through the development of our proprietary platform, meedee8 (the complete social and digital media platform for agencies and brands). Popimedia is Facebook’s first API integrated company in Africa and the largest buyer of Facebook media inventory in the region. We are also fully integrated with Twitter ads API – one of roughly 10 agencies to possess this sought-after combination. The meedee8 platform is designed to enhance brands’ social media performance; by delivering scale, targeting optimisation and creativity.

At Popimedia, we consistently innovate to find more exciting avenues of online marketing. As a result, we now offer clients search and programmatic buying to engage with their customers…on their customers’ terms. Popimedia was fully acquired by the Publicis Group in 2015 – marrying the best above & below-the-line capacities with the best social and digital media marketing expertise. Since inception, we have delivered value to the biggest South African brands, including KFC, MTN, Telesure, Brandhouse, Naspers, Unilever and Nestle. And while we call Johannesburg home; we operate in global markets enabled through our platform meedee8.

Our Motto

We don’t do average. We do performance. We don’t do advertising. We do ad-tech. We don’t do normal. We do innovation. We change the game completely!

Looking For Work?

If you’re not a change the game, change the world kind of person, please do NOT send us your CV. We’re being quite serious. You wouldn’t be the right fit for us. Read More

Employee Model

If you’re comfortable being uncomfortable, can surf when most people sink and believe that thinking plus technology is what changes the world, THEN get in touch with us.
Richard Lord
Richard Lord - Associate Media Director & Head Of Digital, The MediaShop Popimedia have always been more than willing to partner with us, and our clients, to help get the best results from our campaigns through meedee8.
Lunga Ngcime
Lunga Ngcime - Head Of Digital, Unilever I am very happy that we have found a winning tool for our brands
May Lalloo
May Lalloo - Consumer Communications & Marketing Manager, Nestle We have seen buying efficiencies, real time optimisation and a noticeable improvement of our brand’s performance online since we partnered withe Popimedia and used the meedee8 platform.
Clara Métivier-Beukes
Clara Métivier-Beukes - GM for Marketing at Peugeot, South Africa The campaign has been a massive achievement in terms of exposure, new fans and talkability.
Kate Lambridis
Kate Lambridis - Head of Digital, Kalahari.net Working with Popimedia has been a great success. We have seen an improvement in our ad conversation as well as been able to scale the campaign substantially.

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