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meet Boitumelo, the meerkat in our team

Boitumelo Mokoena

media campaign manager

Boitumelo is responsible for the formation, execution, and management of the media campaigns we run for our clients. These campaigns assist our clients in building their brands and achieving their business objectives.

her approach to work and some background

Boitumelo ventured into campaign management this year, following her 2 years of client success management experience and 2 years in the realm of sales. With her results-orientated character, she’s enjoying the fast-paced work of our campaign managers at Popimedia.

She’s relationship-orientated and believes that being knowledgeable and pushing the boundaries to find solutions are important qualities in the workplace.


why Boitumelo is the meerkat in our team

Just like Boitumelo, meerkats are highly sociable creatures, with charismatic and expressive personalities. They work well with their peers and divide communal tasks, like taking turns to guard their young, and warning each other about predators. “I’m also not likely to shy away from a potentially stressful situations and am always willing to learn from my colleagues.”

And with her ear to the ground, you can rely on Boitumelo to know about the next clothing sale.

some of the clients she has worked with

  • Game SA and Game Africa
  • Ster-Kinekor
  • Fedgroup
  • Edgars
  • Metropolitan and Momentum
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