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meet Celeste, the seahorse in the team

Celeste Jacobs

office administrator

In her own words, Celeste is experienced in “sensible business practice”. She does a bit of everything here at Popimedia; from implementing and managing the procedures that keep our business sailing, to ensuring we all tow the administrative line.

the way she approaches work

Celeste knows that success lies in the details – so she takes care of the aspects that are often overlooked, pre-empting requirements and ensuring that business operations run smoothly. Armed with fantastic organisational skills, creative thinking and unwavering persistence, she tackles each day head on.

why she is the seahorse in our team

The seahorse is a symbol of good luck, persistence and strength, and like Celeste, it is determined to succeed in life and everything it sets out to do.

With the persistent energy of this sea creature, Celeste keeps the tides turning, taking care of the details so that Popimedia maintains its momentum.


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