digital marketing vs traditional media

If you’re in need of ammunition to validate more digital budget, or are merely curious about the benefits of online marketing, this infographic is for you!

Have you also been frustrated with the vague success metrics of a magazine advert before? Or experienced the bitter aftertaste of uncertain ROI following a billboard advert? Traditional media has its place. But as clients’ attention moves more and more to digital and marketing budgets get squeezed, online advertising is all the more attractive to marketers. The benefits are undeniable: from detailed audience targeting and real-time analytics to instant campaign go-live (goodbye lengthy pre-booking). We explore these comparative benefits in the infographic which you can download below.

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Topaz Booysen

Topaz Booysen

Topaz takes care of marketing and communications at Popimedia. She manages our brand, digital channels, communications, product marketing and client retention. And “gets to work with the greatest marketing team on the planet”.

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