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ecommerce best practice

the foundation of successful ecommerce campaigns

Correctly structuring your online campaigns is critical to ensure a positive return on your Facebook, Google Ads, Instagram, and Twitter ecommerce campaigns. A clear campaign structure built around your conversion funnel objectives will yield positive results, and will improve your bidding and reporting capabilities too.

While each brand faces unique challenges in reaching their ideal audience and getting that audience to make purchases, we have found that each successful ecommerce campaign shared a structure of three phases, which are essentially the most basic form of the conversion funnel:

  1. Awareness
  2. Acquisition
  3. Remarketing

At Popimedia, we walk you through every step of this structure, recommending who to target, what objectives to bid for and which ad formats to use. Below are more details on how each phase of the campaign should be structured.


The key objective of this phase of the campaign is to reach your ideal audience, engage with them and introduce them to (or remind them of) your brand and your offering. For this objective, we recommend broader targeting criteria focusing on interests and locations relevant to your brand to ensure you reach people who are most likely to respond to your brand.

Ads for this phase should be designed to capture your audiences’ attention and drive engagements.  Although video ads are particularly effective at this, there are many options available and we will help you find the one most suited for your brand, objectives and budgets.


For this phase, we encourage serious buyers to complete your selected call to action. The most desirable objective is to get the user to complete the purchase process; however, not all acquisition campaigns are purchase driven. The objectives for this phase can range from clicks to your website, completed lead forms, and multiple other actions. We will discuss your needs to determine the best call to action for the acquisition phase of your ecommerce campaign.

Once the objective is determined, we will guide you on ad and targeting strategy; however, a rule of thumb is to use Dynamic Ads for Broad Audience Targeting. If you have a rich source of pixel data, set up separate targeting strategies – one broad audience and an audience based on the demographics of your high-value consumers. When making use of custom audiences in your targeting strategy, make sure your audience size is larger than 1 000 people to ensure performance.

We recommend promoting your full product range where possible to identify which ones convert at the lowest cost per acquisition. If your product range is too large, start with your best-selling products as these are most likely to convert at a low cost per acquisition.


By tracking the online activity of people who have interacted with your brand online, we are able to identify people to target and message who are most likely to result in an acquisition. If you have high traffic, it is best practice to segment your database to prioritise attention on your most valuable consumers.

For more information on remarketing strategies, please read our article, why remarketing matters.

For all three phases of the campaign, ensure that you do not target the same people in multiple audiences.

a final note…

Although this strategy is the foundation of all successful ecommerce campaigns, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to marketing. Split testing allows us to identify the best strategy for your ecommerce campaigns.

Pippa Hamilton

Pippa Hamilton

Pippa is the Go-to-Girl for campaign reviews. She’ll provide you with the performance reports and help you navigate popipulse so that you can access the figures in live time. She may be hiding in the basement, but that’s just so she can focus on finding the secrets the numbers are keeping.

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