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meet Ettienne, the most nocturnal of the bunch.

Ettienne Mans


Ettienne leads the technology team here at Popimedia and is part of the exco team of four that run the company daily. He is responsible for the development and oversight of a roadmap for the implementation of business decisions and supporting the rest of the management team with the technical aspects of business decisions.

his background and philosophy about work

Ettienne believes that “it doesn’t have to be crazy at work, if we all just plan and manage our time properly”.

During the past 20 years in the Information Technology industry, he has have managed to gain exposure in various industries and their related intricacies. These include retail, engineering, manufacturing, market research, mobile data, insurance, and AdTech.

And here at Popimedia he has essentially worked on every client and every project, as they are all touched by our technical team, feeding into the company tagline: ads, tech and data.

why he is the pie eyed possum in our team

Ettienne used to have hobbies. Now he as twins.

As a new father to two, he is mostly a nocturnal animal, and is left wide eyed and bushy tailed after all the caffeine. Also, it is not a coincidence that the best beer from the natal midlands shares its name with Ettienne’s spirit animal.

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