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how to integrate email marketing with your social media efforts

Many businesses are running their social media and email strategies as stand-alone marketing initiatives and seeing positive results. As such, the old adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is applied, resulting in the missed opportunity to extend the reach of your social media campaigns whilst growing your email subscriber base.

Truly successful marketers understand that an effective marketing strategy is not social media versus email marketing, but rather one integrated strategy that leverages the one off the other.

what are the benefits of an integrated social media and email marketing strategy?​

  1. Higher conversion rates – By including buttons to share mail content via social media platforms into your email design, readers are able to share the email more easily, which improves the open and click-through rates. Higher open and click-through rates leads to higher conversion rates of your email marketing campaigns.
  2. Amplify the potential reach of your message – Use your email subscriber list to create custom audiences to remarket to on social media. By sharing your emails on social media and commenting on those posts, you get more word-of-mouth publicity for your brand. This results in more people learning about your emails and subscribing to receive your future emails. 
  3. Identify your VIP Clients – Tracking your regular readers who open and engage with your emails enables you to build a list of “VIP Clients” that you can send exclusive campaigns to, making them feel valued. 
  4. Provide new platforms for your followers to interact with your brand – When consumers have multiple platforms to engage with your brand, you have new opportunities to let the subscribers know that you are active on social media and encourage them to follow you to keep in touch with the latest updates, discount offers, and product launches. Let them choose the platform they are most comfortable using to interact with you.
  5. Close the loop between your inbound and outbound marketing strategies

Now that you have a clearer understanding of the benefits of integrating your social media and email marketing strategies, let’s discuss how you can seamlessly integrate the channels.

how to integrate social media into your email marketing strategy

  • These custom audiences enable you to associate a face and a name to an email address
  • Follow your subscribers on social media in order to learn what they prefer and adapt. your marketing message to be most appealing to your current and potential customers.
  • You can use the information about subscribers who have clicked-through in your emails and retarget them through social media ads to reach out specifically to interested prospects, which makes your strategy much more cost-effective.
  • You can learn more about the benefits of remarketing by reading our article,
  • As social media networks tighten up their newsfeed algorithms, it becomes increasingly difficult to reach and engage with prospective customers on social media. This leads to the occasional loss of followers and the growing cost to reconnect with them. Make it easy for interested users to connect with your brand.
  • In the event that you cannot communicate reliably via your social media business pages, which occasionally happens when pages are hacked, attacked by a virus, and so forth, having your social media followers on your email distribution list gives you another channel to communicate with them.
  • Allowing subscribers to share interesting information from your emails on social media encourages your subscribers to cross-promote your email campaigns.
  • The feed automatically updates when you post on your page. For example, if an email is sent out on Tuesday evening, the live Instagram feed will fetch the latest post posted at that time. If the subscriber only opens the email on Saturday, they will see the latest post (as of that day) in the email.
  • Clicking on the feed will redirect the subscriber to the respective social media account, which is a great way to get more organic followers and engagement on your social profiles.
  • “Fear of Missing Out,” or FOMO, is a human instinct that can benefit your business. By creating a private Facebook group, you can tap into this human desire for exclusivity. Examples of some of the content you can promote in this group are; Early-bird purchases (let your VIP Clients buy products before you launch them to the rest of the market), Product Research Discussions, Industry-Related Discussions
  • Invite the subscribers who get their friends to sign-up to your email list to join the Facebook group, building a VIP community with high, meaningful
  • Closed groups tend to have less spam content and more relevant conversations people want to join.
  • Use third-party technology such as popileads to feed contacts from social media campaigns straight into your mailing list in real time ensuring that your campaign is delivering hot leads, maximising your conversion rate. To find out more about how popileads can benefit you, read the OneDayOnly case study.

the main takeaway 

Using solely email or social media marketing can become self-constraining. To avoid this, leverage the power of social media and email marketing integration to optimise both channels.

Always ensure that your brand is contextual, responsive, and relevant, so that your followers and subscribers enjoy your messaging, regardless of the platform you are using.

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