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meet Joanne, the koala in our team

Joanne Sacks

media campaign manager

Joanne loads, runs and optimises the digital media campaigns for our clients, ensuring they get the very best results possible, maximising their return on investments.

She’s always got her eye on the ball, and if it isn’t her clients’ KPIs, it’s on the opponent’s backhand on the tennis court.

her background and style in the work place

Joanne has been a campaign manager for four years now, and firmly believes that a clear vision is required to achieve an objective successfully. Her approach is methodical and structured, and she values being able to collaborate with others in the working environment.


why she is the koala in our team

Joanne shares the koala’s calm and easy going nature, and its ability to maintain an energetic balance while expressing intelligence. “And they aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty when needed.”


some of the clients Joanne has worked with:

  • Liberty
  • Flight Centre
  • Clover
  • Jacaranda
  • Vumatel
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