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meet Jude, the falcon in the team

Jude Rodrigues

technical lead

Jude leads the development team at Popimedia, and apart from managing the team, he is kept busy with software development and the maintenance and improvement of our system architecture.

some background and his work approach

With more than 12 years of experience in information technology, Jude utilises his learnings from a multitude of industries; banking and finance, entertainment, construction and media.

And when asked what attributes are important for a developer to be successful, Jude emphasises having an attention to detail, constantly researching and exploring new options to always learn.

why he is the falcon in our team

Jude’s keen attention to detail, alert demeanour and fast reaction times make them a great fit.


some of the projects he has worked on

  • financial integration with Chase
  • migration of meedee8 to Azure 
  • devlopment of the mobile app fro meedee8
  • revamping of our briefs product
  • meedee8 teamcity to Azure migration for CI/CD
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