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meet Katya, the fox in our team

Katya Cook

marketing executive

Katya takes care of all things marketing; from writing our blogs and maintaining internal culture, to website design, social media management and running of our digital campaigns. If you’ve signed up for the Popimedia newsletter, your inbox will already be familiar with Katya’s work.

This sociable fox has her masters in sociolinguistics and gives the downward dog a run for its money in yoga class.

some background and her approach to work (and life)

Katya believes in always doing her best and not stagnating. “You may not always be perfect in every task but if you do your best and aim to constantly grow, you will naturally improve and reach a point of perfection.”

She has been developing her digital marketing skills over the last few years at Popimedia, and also graduated with her MA in Sociolinguistics recently. With her deep understanding of the compelling nature of language, it is no surprise that Katya has become our content guru and the custodian of the popi-language. Apart from taking care of our day-to-day marketing activities, comms and campaigns, Katya takes the development and maintenance of internal company culture very seriously (and we suspect that our collection of wild personalities makes for an interesting social study).


why Katya is the fennec fox

Unlike other fox species, the fennec fox is a social animal who has adapted to living in harsh desert environments. Like this adorable creature, Katya strives to constantly adapt and learn, to rise to the challenges she faces in her professional and personal life.

“I love connecting with my colleagues and believe that positive inter-personal relationships are the fabric of a strong team.”

some of her projects and articles

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