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meet Mala, the proud lioness in the team

Malandiswe Mbatha

graphic designer and brand communicator

Mala is part of the marketing team at Popimedia, and she takes care of all things concerning design and visual communication. She also nurtures and protects our brand’s visual integrity and reputation, ensuring that every aesthetic encounter anyone has with the brand speaks true to what Popimedia stands for.

Her creativity extends beyond the office too, as she enjoys music, illustrating and hustling.

her background and approach to work (and life)

Mala has 5 years of graphic design and brand communications experience behind her, having spent that time in both agency and corporate environments. Three of these years (so far) have been spent at Popimedia, where she has been honing her skills within the digital marketing industry.

She believes in the value of hard work and growing into the best version of yourself while you do it. “I am an entrepreneurial and creative thinker and am enthusiastic about constructive criticism – it allows me to thrive in whatever I do”. Mala’s approach to life is also grounded in her spiritual faith and beliefs, which she values highly.


why she is the lioness in the team

“Even though I am quiet, my work is fierce as I go hard and get it done.”

Similarly, the proudly African lioness represents power, courage and strength, even with her calm and graceful nature. Another trait that Mala and this feline share is that they are independent and able to take care of themselves, while still being a cooperative member of the team. “She is more than her beauty and roylaty – she can be a provider for her loved ones.”



some of the projects Mala has worked on

  • establishing the company’s corporate identity
  • company rebrand
  • creation of video projects
  • SHiFT & CMO2020 events
  • the meedee8/ popimedia app design
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