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meet Marc, the qilin in our team

Marc van der Sandt

senior software developer

Marc is one of our software developers, and as part of the dev team he builds, maintains and improves on our tech and products. This enables us to continue innovating and provide our clients with the best possible solutions for their digital marketing needs.

And when Marc isn’t coding, you’ll find him in the kitchen, preparing enough healthy food to feed the Barcelona football team (of which he’s a big fan).

his background and style in the work place

Marc has spent 5 years as a software developer. He has gained experience from several industries; including engineering, banking and, most recently, ad-tech.

As a logical problem solver, Marc believes that a realistic, no-nonsense approach to work and life is the most effective.


why he is the qilin in our team

As a mythical, hybrid creature, the qilin is intelligent and sociable, using its flames to protect those with pure hearts, a protective instinct that Marc values. And just as a qilin is loyal and determined in accomplishing a quest, so too do software developers require an other-worldly level of perseverance to locate and fix a bug in amongst endless lines of code.



some of the projects Marc has worked on at Popimedia:

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