meet Matan, the wolf in our pack

Matan Atias

head of growth

Matan has been part of the Popimedia team since 2013 and now he is part of the exco team of four that run Popimedia daily. He combines his passion for strategic design, technology and business growth to drive product development, partnerships, growth marketing and product adoption.

He draws inspiration from travel, and has an infestation of travel bugs. After-all, travelling is the antidote to ignorance.

more about his background and what he does at Popimedia

Matan drives the vision of the brand, our technology and the products we build at Popimedia from an outside-in approach. He drives sales and the strategic scaling of our clients’ spend by combining product and strategy to meet business and client objectives. He also makes great coffee!

He approaches work with unending curiosity, always seeking to learn and try, and he is not afraid to fall as long as he learns. “I know more than I did yesterday but less than I will tomorrow” is a concept you’ll often hear him reference.

Matan has spent the last 9 years in digital marketing. He co-founded an animation and design agency in 2011 and has a passion for strategic design. The last 6 years have been spent at Popimedia, traversing from Creative Strategist to Head of Growth and wearing multiple hats in this business that evolved from start-up to post founder-exit business.

why he is the wolf in our team

A lion and a tiger may be stronger but the wolf doesn’t perform in a circus. Matan respects the elders, teaches the young, cooperates with the pack and plays when he can. He believes in hunting to eat, resting when he must, sharing affection and leaving a mark. “I came as a lone wolf but I’m stronger in this pack.”


some of the clients Matan has worked with

  • Naspers
  • Telesure
  • Discovery
  • OneDayOnly
  • VML
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