meet Nicci, the soaring eagle

Nicola Sanders

client partner

Nicola (aka Nicci) takes good care of our clients. She is responsible for nurturing existing business, informing their marketing strategy, ensuring they perform well and acquiring new business.

She sweeps into the office with unrelenting energy and is a fan of spicing up life with chilli that’s even hotter than her personality.

some background and her work approach

Nicci has been in sales for 7 years now, and brings her experience from other industries like pharmaceuticals and TV (media owner) to our ad-tech environment. With her deep understanding of clients’ needs and businesses, she is passionate in her pursuit of driving performance.

Her belief is that “energy is everything”, and if you have ever met her you will attest to how she lives this out in every facet of life.

why Nicci is our eagle

As the symbol of courage, honour and strength, the eagle is a fitting spirit animal for Nicci. They also share a powerful vision, and this bird of prey embodies her determination and tenacity. “While other birds may fly away from a storm, an eagle spreads its wings and uses the current to soar to greater heights.”

She’s a team player, and the eagle’s characteristics of nurturing and empowering its young for the sake of a stronger group is very apparent.

some of her projects and achievements

  • digital marketing training for client teams (at Unilever etc.)
  • specialist of the retail vertical
  • product leader of popichannel
  • has contributed the most new business brought to the company in her 2.5 years here
  • takes care of clients in Cape Town and Durban too
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