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OneDayOnly case study

“Since adopting an automated and tech-driven approach, we have seen an incremental improvement in performance across multiple business objectives. We saw a 46% quarterly increase in newsletter subscriber growth, and revenue  from social channels increased by 65%” – Jessica van der Westhuyzen (Digital Media and Performance Manager)
We are deeply invested in our clients’ long term business results and love sharing their success stories. OneDayOnly saw exceptional results from their partnership with Popimedia. Read on to find out what changes they implemented in their digital marketing campaigns and the results they achieved from doing so.

For those who aren’t familiar with the brand; OneDayOnly is a South African daily deals eCommerce site. The company offers a variety of products and brands at the lowest price in SA, for one day only. In order to stay top of mind with their daily deals, their customers subscribe to a mailer which is jam packed full of deals every day.


The objective of OneDayOnly’s partnership with Popimedia was to optimise the lifetime value of their current customers and acquire new email subscribers.



In order to provide OneDayOnly with a holistic solution that would build their business and impact their bottom line, we took a multi-solution approach to optimise their brand across numerous touch points:

  • A simple implementation we offered OneDayOnly was to alter their social media content strategy from multiple organic posts per day, to 2 to 3 posts a week featuring more relevant and engaging content.
  • We also integrated their social performance and subscriber data with MailChimp to create a streamlined and automated business solution.
  • Created a Facebook audience for retargeting purposes using dynamic product ads.
  • Retargeted email subscribers who had not yet shopped, to convert them to customers.
  • Integrated Popimedia’s tools: LeadSMART, AudienceSMART, FeedSMART.
“We are thrilled with the performance we are achieving as a result of our partnership with Popimedia. Not only have digital metrics like reach and subscribers skyrocketed…there has also been a direct impact on our bottom line.” – Jessica van der Westhuyzen (Digital Media and Performance Manager)

some examples of the creative that was optimised per platform


  • Decreased cost of subscriber acquisition by 50% (exceeding KPIs)
  • Increased email subscriber rate by 46% in the first quarter
  • Revenue from social channels increased by 65%
  • Shoppers from social ads increased frequency from 1 to 2 every month
  • Reduced unsubscribe rate (churn) by 7%
  • 2X more unique reach on social media posts and a noticeable increase in engagement and followers

 “Using Popimedia’s meedee8 tech stack and strategic input, we have implemented a robust strategy that automates processes and integrates our platforms, offering our customers a superior online shopping experience.” – Jessica van der Westhuyzen (Digital Media and Performance Manager)

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