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meet Priscilla, the butterfly in our team

Priscilla Naidoo

finance assistant

Priscilla takes care of finances here at Popimedia, ensuring that the numbers always balance and that things run smoothly; from loading new clients and sorting out invoices to having expenses paid and running the admin we all rely on (she is also the queen of the best stationery).

While she’s often the source of our joy in the office, Priscilla finds her own solace at the ocean – a true water baby.

some of her background and approach to work (and life)

Priscilla has been with Popimedia for the last three years, and this media industry has offered a very different working environment to what she was used to during her time at the corporate JSE. “The mixture of work and play here is great!”

She approaches her work with attention to detail, and values accuracy along with the ability to follow processes.

And Priscilla’s belief that joy should be found in everything we do in life, even at the office, results in contagious cheerfulness amongst colleagues.


why she is the butterfly at Popimedia

Just as we cannot help but smile at the sight of a butterfly, so too does Priscilla’s presence light up a room. She brings positivity and cheerfulness to the team; “I like to remind them that the situation may not be as serious as it seems”.

Lifting people’s spirits is important for Priscilla, as she believes it leads to powerful transformation and the unfurling of wings.


some of the projects Priscilla has worked on

  • working directly with Facebook
  • assisting sales with the loading of clients and invoice queries
  • organising an unforgettable escape room team building
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