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meet Tamlyn, the dragon in the popiteam

Tamlyn Bischofberger

general manager

Tamlyn is part of the exco team of four that run Popimedia daily. She balances the logical and analytical side of the digital media world with the creative thinking and energy required to build brands that deliver serious growth and results. 

She prides herself on being an entrepreneurial thinker with years of experience in financial, commercial, and operational management. This is coupled with her slightly obsessive passion for driving a growing bottom line, and a keen interest in strategic and innovative business practices.

some background and her business style

Tamlyn leads her team with something she calls entrepreneurial freedom, which allows them to demonstrate her real passion, which is that a business builds brand value through analysis, development, implementation and management of new ideas and processes.  She uses her intuitive and motivating management style, with her proactive and calm demeanour to bring out the best in her team.

With strong negotiating skills, methodical approach, a consistent determination to achieve end results, and her easy decision-making ability, she effectively reaches the goals of partner brands. She was also the owner and finance director of one of South Africa’s fastest growing logistics companies, and has 15 years of experience in the logistics environment.

why she is the dragon in our team

The dragon is the Chinese representative animal of Tamlyn’s birth year, and it symbolises auspicious powers, strength and good luck for the people that we partner with, ensuring that the team (and bottom line) soars to success. And like the dragon, Tamlyn is an energetic, ‘make-a-plan’ partner to her team.

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