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the evolution of product placement marketing

Rapid decline in traditional media has had a huge impact on the way brands advertise and market themselves. With less people plugging into the old school television or radio – other aspects of marketing have been thriving. Digital advertising [social media, Google Ads, etc.] is becoming more common and mainstream. So where does Product Placement marketing fit into all of this?

what is product placement?

Product Placement marketing can be simply understood as literal inclusion of certain brands in another form of media such as a film, music video, etc. A default go to example would be having the protagonist of a film drink Coca Cola as opposed to Pepsi – and for this type of placement, Coca Cola would pay for their brand to be showcased in the film. Another example would be how most films and TV series would have an Apple smart device as opposed to Samsung, HP, or any other competing brand – and again, for this type of placement, Apple pays for the marketing.

source: fortune.com

the integration with social media

Influencer marketing is a very recent form of marketing where brands would approach prominent social media personalities and sponsor [and/or pay] them with certain items to review, post, and rave about.

However, for most social media personalities looking to get into influencer marketing, they start with Product Placements of their favourite brands in their posts or videos. Most of us have seen how the famous outfit-of-the-day (#OOTD) posts on Instagram will have several brands tagged from head-to-toe. This doesn’t necessarily mean the entire outfit has been sponsored by all those brands, nor that the person has been paid to market all tagged brands – but it is now seen as a tool to get the brands to notice certain personalities and hopefully sponsor their next #OOTD post.

The downside (or upside depending on which end of the spectrum you are) to influencer marketing merging with product placement is, most influencers will only get paid actual money when they have a ridiculously large amount of followers. Without that, the sponsored product to be placed is considered the payment. Great savings for the brand, and  incentive for the social personalities to get creative with their content and attract more followers, and ultimately, more brands.

source: mention.com

the future of product placement marketing

We know product placement works well with influencer marketing because it allows brands to showcase their products in a way that is relateable to their market, and driving sales.

However, without the ability to always know how the influencer will place the product, brands are running a risk of not being presented in a manner that is true to the brand identity. In contrast, Digital Product Placement is likely to become more acceptable and widespread now more than ever.

Digital Product Placement marketing is basically when a brand digitally adds their product or ad to an already existing image or motion picture post production using CGI or Photoshop, for example.

This not only gives brands the choice on where they are shown but also how they are represented. The brand now has the ability to be included in relevant shows and programs enhancing brand recognition on one hand, and subliminally appealing and enticing audiences on another – all this contributing to new and repeat sales. Think of how for most people Coca Cola is the go-to drink to quench your thirst; Starbucks is apparently the only place to get your coffee (or work as a freelance writer); the MacBook is the only relevant laptop brand; Subway is the only place to get a good sandwich; Colgate is the only toothpaste brand; Oral B is the only toothbrush brand… and the list goes on.

source: grab.com

These brands ultimately became this recognizable not only due to smart placements, but definitely due to overall great marketing strategies. If you’re not quite there with the impeding spike in digital product placement, start somewhere with your digital marketing by getting in touch with Popimedia for an all-in-one marketing solution. From the strategy to the tech, campaign management and reporting – no marketing plan is complete without Popi placed at the foundation of your brand’s success.

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