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meet Topaz, the venus in our solar system

Topaz Booysen

head of marketing

Topaz takes care of marketing and communications at Popimedia. She manages our brand, digital channels, communications, product marketing and client retention. And “gets to work with the greatest marketing team on the planet”.

some background and her work approach

During her 7 years of marketing management experience, Topaz has had the opportunity to work across multiple industries, from fin-tech and industrial to ad-tech. She is passionate about marketing’s unique blend of strategy and creativity, and is particularly invested in digital – for its agility, precision and analytical nature.

Her motto in the office: “If you do something, do it properly. With commitment, attention to detail and enthusiasm.”

why Topaz is our venus

Venus proudly orbits within this powerful solar system of ours, sharing her bright light. Decidedly feminine, she appreciates beauty in life and knows the importance of passion in work. Self-sustaining and unafraid of the dark side of quiet space. But get too close and you’ll feel the burn of volcanic heat.


some of her projects and articles 

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