meet Vanessa, the dolphin in our ocean

Vanessa Clarke

head of client success

Vanessa (aka Vee) makes sure that things go swimmingly for our clients; from on-boarding to ensuring that campaigns are loaded and running smoothly. She’s the link between client, sales and campaign managers, and does some finance and “techie” things too during her day-to-day.

Vee is an avid collector and expert of all things Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, so you’re guaranteed to have interesting conversations.

some background and her work approach

Vee has had experience in a wide range of roles during her career, including finance management, IT and management consulting. The past 19 years have seen her involved in digital media in one form or another, and from both sides of the fence (as client and as sales). While Vee works in social media now, her past experience also includes digital banners, email, sms and avm marketing.

Vee is committed to building client relationships at all levels. Having both points of view and years of experiences, means that she has a good grasp of client expectations and requirements, as well as the practical experience to help find a solution to their problems and manage their expectations.

why Vanessa is our dolphin

Vee believes her role in life and work is to nurture and protect those around her, while ensuring that things run smoothly. Similarly, the dolphin is nature’s representation of harmony and balance. They also share other characteristics such as intelligence and being in tune with instincts. Vee’s playful nature and deep inner strength help us all ride the waves here at Popimedia.

some of the biggest integrations she has worked on

  • Liberty
  • Metropolitan
  • FedGroup
  • Telesure
  • OneDayOnly
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